Split, by Whitman / Quem Quaeritis

This new single, released by Folktale Records and available digitally and on cassette, includes remixes by two Vanity Projects-associated acts. 

The tape is a split with Quem Quaeritis’ “Taco Party” on one side and Whitman’s “Tacos Like Everyday” on another side. The Whitman side includes several remixes, including one by Eli Chartkoff (Dawn of Sequins, the Monolators) and one by Geoff Geis & Sean Carnage. 

Dawn of Sequins Cassettes! For Sale!

Dawn of Sequins’ debut cassette is now available from Vanity Projects for $5 + shipping ($1.50 US/$5 International). Your cassette comes with a free download of the release.


The self-titled album is full of gems like these:

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Get the Present and Past Pack! (Dawn of Sequins + the Monolators… 2 tapes for the price of 1.5!)

Dawn of Sequins is made up of Eli and Mary Chartkoff, the core duo that made up Eastside heroes the Monolators for ten years. Last year, Vanity Projects released Ten Years of Tears a retrospective featuring an hour of favorites picked by Eli and Mary. Click here for more information on that release

For a limited time, get Dawn of Sequins and Ten Years of Tears together for $10 including shipping and handling to the United States or $13 shipped internationally. Your cassettes come with free downloads of the releases.

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Dawn of Sequins will be celebrating the release of their debut album with a show at Pehrspace in LA on October 5.



Vanity Projects - Autumn 2013 Mix

The second Vanity Projects compilation is now available for free. It includes new work from Geoff Geis, Dawn of Sequins, Crown Plaza, Magick Orchids, Disco Cisco and the Dreampunks, Lovevalley (from Japan), Dnonkong, Digital Sabbag, Keychain, Maston and more…

Cover art provided by Champoy Hate

Crown Plaza - Reactor (video)

Here is your official, Charles Mallison-directed, music video for Nima Kazerouni’s Crown Plaza project. You can read what Nima has to say about it over at the Portals blog

Get your copy of the album Chem Waves volume 1 for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling: 

Get this tape! Crown Plaza - “Chem Waves Volume 1”

Crown Plaza is the solo project of Nima Kazerouni, whose primary project So Many Wizards has just released the acclaimed Warm Nothing via Jaxart. Crown Plaza’s first release, Chem Waves volume 1 is now available through Vanity Projects for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling: 


Reviews and Features:

Impose Magazine | Austin Town Hall

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Get this tape! The Monolators - “Ten Years of Tears”

After a short delay, these arrived in the mail today! I’ll be mailing the pre-orders tomorrow.

Ten Years of Tears, 2002-2012 is a 19-song, hourlong cassette compilationby the Monolators. It’s a limited edition of 100 copies. Order now via Paypal for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling. The tapes come with digital download codes, and they’re actually cheaper than just buying the mp3s through Bandcamp:

Press on the Monolators and Ten Years of Tears:

LA Underground | Buzzbands.la | Austin Town Hall | Radio Free Silverlake  

The Monolators played an amazing, emotional, and intense 10-year anniversary show on the 22nd of September, complete with appearances by everyone who has ever been a member of the band. Here’s a photo I took during a moment:

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the Monolators: “Ten Years of Tears, 2002-2012”

Vanity Projects will release a cassette of Ten Years of Tears, 2002-2012 by the Monolators on September 22. It’s a limited edition of 100 copies. Preorder now via Paypal for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling:

Ten Years of Tears celebrates the first decade of existence for every Angelino’s favorite husband/wife garage rock band, Highland Park’s the Monolators. The release documents the many different incarnations of the band over the years, collecting a total of 19 tracks (including two brand new recordings) that track the Monolators’ illustrious and always-DIY career. Eli and Mary Monolator each curated a side of this tape, which includes favorites like “Don’t Dance,” “Eagle Fighting Zebra,” “I Was a Captain in the Army,” “CA 3A 569,” and more. 

The Monolators will celebrate the release of Ten Years of Tears with a show at Pehrspace on September 22. 


Mary’s side

Take It Outside (01:45)
I Was A Captain In The Army (03:22)
14 Degrees (03:44)
We Fell Dead (02:41)
Eagle Fighting Zebra (04:35)
Oh No, Everything Has Changed (03:06)
French TV (03:15)
Pickup Ford (03:52)
Covering Up (02:55)

Eli’s side

Tiny Bicycles (02:17)
Spandex Hitman (01:28)
When The Saints Collide (03:25)
Let’s Be Best Friends In Space (05:04)
You Look Good On The Train (02:54)
Don’t Dance (03:51)
CA 3A 569 (03:21)
Silver Cities (02:49)
5001 (02:34)
Driving In The City (02:21)

Crown Plaza: Chem Waves volume 1

Nima Kazerouni’s Crown Plaza releases Chem Waves volume 1 on September 8 through Vanity Projects. Preorder now via Paypal for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling: 

Crown Plaza is the new side project of So Many Wizards’ frontman Nima Kazerouni.  After ending his relationship with his sweetheart of 6 years, he left his cozy apartment in the middle of LA and took an unusual  residence at his father’s back office in the heart of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) — where he was free to record and write music as he pleased.  Yet he didn’t realize what a strong effect his surroundings would have on him. The bright hotel light of Crowne Plaza was a 24 hour-a-day reminder of where he was, along with the buzzing noises of airplanes, shuttles, and passers by.  These ultimately caused a reaction that was too great to keep inside.  Nima needed an outlet to channel these feelings directly, and he needed to do it alone.His debut E.P., Chem Waves Volume 1, is a direct reflection of his love loss, displacement, and overall new way of living.  

Reviews and Features:

Impose Magazine | Austin Town Hall

Album release party September 8 at Pehrspace in Los Angeles, with Body Parts, Social Studies, and Geoff Geis. Followed by West Coast Tour. RSVP on Facebook.

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