Get this tape! The Monolators - “Ten Years of Tears”

After a short delay, these arrived in the mail today! I’ll be mailing the pre-orders tomorrow.

Ten Years of Tears, 2002-2012 is a 19-song, hourlong cassette compilationby the Monolators. It’s a limited edition of 100 copies. Order now via Paypal for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling. The tapes come with digital download codes, and they’re actually cheaper than just buying the mp3s through Bandcamp:

Press on the Monolators and Ten Years of Tears:

LA Underground | | Austin Town Hall | Radio Free Silverlake  

The Monolators played an amazing, emotional, and intense 10-year anniversary show on the 22nd of September, complete with appearances by everyone who has ever been a member of the band. Here’s a photo I took during a moment:

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